During the summer last year, we got the idea to set up a hide for photographers at Finca Algaba. Several well known photographers have used this Finca to get a series of photographs of different birds in the past and we thought that a good number of different species could be observed and photographed if a photography hide was available. And so it has proven to be the case with a highly successful first season from the ‘new’ hide.

Views from the hide

Untitled photo

The "Hide - Algaba Ronda" is located in Finca Algaba about 4 km from Ronda (Málaga). More information about the farm can be seen on their website

There is also the possibility of accommodation on site, again please view their website for further details.

The Hide is on an estate that is contained in 50 hectares of Mediterranean forest, where you can admire splendid examples of various oak species, including cork oaks along with a variety of associated plant species.

The Finca Algaba Estate itself is a place of exceptional quality to display the different ecosystems and habitats of some of the most representative species of birds in the south of the peninsula.

The Hide itself is a spy glass house measuring a generous 5.2 x 2.1m that can be used comfortably for 4 photographers. Inside the hide there is a toilet and washbasin.

The scenario combines a very close (approx. 5m) water trough / feeder for birds in the area and further away (approx. 20m) raptor perches and feeders.

This is how the hide looks

This slide show shows you some recent photo's taken from the hide

Untitled photo

When you are interested you are able to very simply reserve the hide to do your own observation or photography. Please email.

Pieter Verheij: pieter.spanish.nature@gmail.com

to find out about the availability/dates for when the hide is available. Standard prices for one session (early morning until midday) are:

1 person   €   50

2 persons €   90

3 persons € 120

4 persons € 150

To see more photographs of earlier sessions, please follow one of the links below.

Photo's taken in May 2015

Photo's taken in June 2015

Photo's taken in July 2015

Photo's taken in August 2015

Photo's taken in September 2015

Video de Booted Eagle on August 29th